a life of luxury is all about perspective

Feeling fortunate.

If a cat could smile

The cat is out cattin’ around all night, so she sleeps all day. It’s a tough life.


On a trail at Wolf Ridge ELC near Finland, Minnesota. All I could hear were the sounds of birds, a chipmunk and gravel crunching beneath my boots.  

rails, grasses and flowers in Lowertown St. Paul

Before I got out of my car this morning I decided to take my camera out of my bag and carry it in-hand. If someone asked me, ‘what’s the most important thing to… Continue reading

A spike in visitors due to…

…Reddit. Three days ago, on a whim, I went to reddit.com to have a look around. If you don’t know what Reddit is I’m not the person to explain it to you. From… Continue reading

Yertle the Turtle would like this place

The view from the 21st floor of a condo in Minneapolis. If you look closely you’ll see the cranes for the new Vikings stadium, Target Field and Target Center.

tilt shift on Lake Calhoun

I guess the fad has faded but still, in the right situation, the tilt shift effect can make for an interesting photo. Here a canoe on Lake Calhoun is passing in front of… Continue reading

hey guy, if you drop that ham I’ve got your back

I didn’t drop any.

his first baseball game

Last night, on a whim, I brought my son to his first professional baseball game. Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly professional in the true sense of the word for it was the Rays… Continue reading

1 photo of 2 ships coming in

Watching the ships come into port at the Duluth Harbor is a must-see. Finding interesting ways to capture them is a bit of a challenge, they’re huge, and the vantage points are few.… Continue reading