Ten reasons why I would encourage you to take a second of video a day

It’s done. 365 days ago I started taking a second of video a day. I had read about Cesar Kuriyama and I was inspired. I was inspired to capture moments, collect moments, and share moments before these moments were gone and forgotten. The result is this video.

Sure, I forgot to take video three days this year, but you know, those 3 second-long holes add to the experience, I think.


10. You’ll capture moments that will never happen again. For instance my son says ‘broccoli’ differently now that he did on January 25, 2013. I will always remember January 25, 2013.

9. Creating, creating, creating. If you want to create something everyday one second of video is an easy way to do just that.

8. We all have photos of landscapes, family and friends, but capturing the audio as you walk through a field, stand at the shoreline or party with friends adds a whole new dimension and will bring back memories a photo cannot.

7. Unlike taking a photo a day taking a second of video a day is low pressure, yet perhaps when you’re done it will be a more impressive collection. This is an illustration of the saying, ‘the sum is greater than its parts’.

6. You probably have a video camera in your pocket, or purse. Use it.

5. My video does a brilliant job defining me and my family. Yours will, too.

4. Making a video like this will show you your life. If you don’t like your video it’s up to you to make some changes.

3. Finishing a video will provide a great sense of accomplishment and regardless of how many family videos you’ve made this will become your favorite.

2. When something fun is happening grabbing a few seconds of video doesn’t take you out of the moment like you think it might. You don’t need to worry about telling a story about the birthday party, or parade. You’re grabbing a second, just the essence of the scene. You’ll still be in the moment.

1. When you’re done you’ll want to start in on the next year.

A big thank you to my colleague Amanda. Amanda heard about Cesar Kuriyama on the radio and told me about him.

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