Day 8: winter light

8 ball

January in Minnesota can be cold, and dark.  If you’ve never been here know that the sun goes down at about 4:30pm.  This time of year from about 4 to 4:15 my west facing windows are washed in some spectacular low-angled, texture-defining light.  As I walked through the room I wanted to attempt to capture how sharp the lace work was on the table, though I wasn’t quite sure where my focus point should be.  If the steel ball was in focus I could see my reflection and I didn’t want that.

Tips?  I’m all ears.

Maybe the frame is better looking in color.  Thoughts?



7 thoughts on “Day 8: winter light

  1. This is a beautiful photograph, Luke. I prefer the color version. The warmth of the picture is a good deal of its beauty. I had a similar problem when I was trying to take a photo of beads of water on a giant reflective ball. It was such a great image except that I could never find an angle where the camera and me weren’t present. If it helps, what I first see is the light and the lace.

    1. thanks for the input Denise…I enjoy the act of capturing the image, when it comes to post-processing I have too many choices and don’t quite have a sense for what it should be…’just because I can, doesn’t mean I should’…I struggle with post. Thanks for paying attention and taking the time to reply. Luke

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