Day 36: abstract trees

1 second exposure with a twist
1 second exposure with a twist. I see the grooves of an LP with a human eye in the middle.

Minnesota can be epically grey in February. Today is one of those days. On the bright side my morning walks are no longer taking place in darkness. On my way through the park I decided to emulate the photos from Peter Wagner and his Winter Tree Abstracts. It’s been great fun being able to see photos from so many WordPress bloggers. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. BTW check out Wagner’s blog…he’s a much better photographer than i am.


6 thoughts on “Day 36: abstract trees

  1. Thank you for the kind words and the “shout out” Luke. Keep up the good work on your 365 project. I have attempted that project in 2011 and 2012 only to fail around half way each time. I was strict on my rule that if I missed a day then it would be over. The project definitely is very rewarding though with how you develop your skills and your creative eye.

    1. It is a massive undertaking, only 10% done and I’ve had a couple of days that have been struggles, though with the creatives floating around WordPress ideas are a bit easier to develop.

  2. Very cool! I see the eye in the middle, and it really adds a neat element to the image! On cold and gray days, it’s difficult to come up with something great, but those are the days when certain types of images work better. One of my favorite photos that I have from a gray day is my abstract photo of trees ( It was a horrible day for typical landscape shots, but it worked well for this one!

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