Day 44: I am here, where are you?

Vaguely, I live here...I am one of about, maybe 30,000,000.
Vaguely, I live here…where are you? Leave a comment, let me know where you are seeing this.

This large-scale map from IKEA has hung in the family room for a couple of years. It has provided an opportunity to learn the unusual place names of: Sargaso Sea, Davis Strait, Beaufort Sea, Laptev Sea, Panama Isthmus, Ural Mountains, Atlas Mountains, and Gulf of Guinea.

If you can prove that you’ve been to the Davis Strait I’ll buy you a beer.



9 thoughts on “Day 44: I am here, where are you?

    1. ‘shot of bounce?’ I thought. ‘which Sconny found this blog?’ I thought. Then I saw your name. ‘Oh, that Sconny’ You know someone who sailed the Davis Strait? Sounds terrible.

      1. I guess you could call me a “Wis-Sconny”?

        I guess he thought it was fun. He talked about seeing Narwhal. I had to look it up. strange creature.

        Oh, we too have a world map. Use it all the time!

  1. Love this idea…might have to steal it (with credit of course) at some point to get to know my readers. I’m North-east several inches in Saskatchewan, Canada. If you can properly say “Saskatchewan”, I’ll buy YOU a beer. 😉

    1. Ha…I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to need to buy anyone a beer. I followed a blog a while back where the writer was trying to get readers from specific countries and inviting other to invite those from his target countries to read. Cool idea to show how small a world we are in.

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