Day 56: documenting a family history

Perhaps one of my most-prized possessions
Perhaps one of my most-prized possessions

My wife says I’m a small bits guy. I don’t think she means it THAT way. For the past five years I’ve been documenting my day by writing one line in a journal. Add this writing to this 365 project and note that I am also recording one second of video a day and you can say I’m documenting small bits of my life for future consumption. A still photo, one second of video, one line in a journal. Small bits of life that I hope one day my children appreciate.

Which one is most enjoyable? The video. Though the process of thinking back on my day and picking one detail to put in writing is relaxing. This 365 project is rewarding, but enjoyable? Not too sure. You’re all judging me; and that can be stressful.

Here is what I wrote during a random week from 2009.

  • 2/25/09 – had chicken stir fry for dinner, it was a good one
  • 2/26/09 – About 7″ of snow fell today, watched two trucks get stuck in St. Paul
  • 2/27/09 Cut up an orange, bananas, pear and grapes with dinner
  • 2/28/09 Went to Modern Design Interiors, saw some great chairs
  • 3/1/09 – Active day: church, Y, sledding, swimming
  • 3/2/09 – AJ at Mom’s, just me, S and LJ…quiet night
  • 3/3/09 – There are a lot of ‘ladybugs’ in the house, where do they come from?

It’s never too late to start doing something like this. I’d recommend it, if only to be able to look back and see what you were doing a month, year, or two years years ago.

  • A month ago we: had a family dinner at Panda Garden
  • A year ago I: went to a party with a group of high school friends
  • Two years ago I: played marbles with AJ before we read bedtime stories

It’s the little things, I guess.


12 thoughts on “Day 56: documenting a family history

  1. You are building a good library of your life this way. What a legacy for your children: it’s the mundane, rather than the grand, that truly tells the story of our lives.

    Many years ago, my friend Carlos challenged me to spend one year writing down something good that had happened every day. (I’d been complaining, maybe, a little too much.) It did a lot to help me maintain a more positive focus. I still write one good thing every day and reading back through the journals reminds me of things like sunsets, or something that made me laugh, or a great meal with friends that I would have likely forgotten.

  2. I love your project. I’d never kept a daily journal before this year. I wasn’t planning on it, but my daughter gave me one for Christmas, and I thought hey-why-not? And actually look forward to writing it now – just before I hop into bed. Happy journalling 🙂

    1. thanks for stopping by….keep up the journal. After a few months you’ll miss not doing it. Once in awhile I miss a day, or two…thinking about something interesting from 24 or 48 hours ago is really difficult. Taking time each day to reflect is, I believe, healthy. Good luck.

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