Day 58: good ideas…tough to come by

58 bulb

I have been, and I am going to continue to be, challenged by my goal of taking a photo a day. If you cruise through my pictures you’ll see a majority of what I’m shooting is bleak. I’m feeling some seasonal affective disorder coming on. I’m beginning to feel the idea bank is running low. Do I really want to take another night shot of steam? I need something green, how about a flower? A little life…please. Bleh.

This photo, however, brightens my mood. I’m not the most creative guy around, yet I’m feeling good about myself for pulling this one off. I saw a light bulb, I had an idea and I executed it.

When feeling uninspired I will work on creatively lighting simple and mundane things I find around the house. Enter macro photography. Project 365 will need a few dozen days like this.

Not sure how many readers are among the folks following this blog. If you’re like me you flip through your reader pages and spend less time looking at blogs in their entirety. Running the risk of not receiving a lot of responses I’ll pose the question to those of you who are attempting, or have attempted, a 365 project. What are some good stand-bys? When you are strapped for ideas what did you end up shooting & sharing? 307 to go. Oh my.

Thanks in advance.


6 thoughts on “Day 58: good ideas…tough to come by

  1. Well, I’m on day 303 . . . When I can’t think of anything I take pictures of objects in my house. Windows, angles, door frames, flowers, bookshelves, bulletin boards . . . I try to think in terms of what the objects in my house say about me, which is hopefully interesting, and photograph and write about that. But I love the lightbulb!

  2. I have found some neat ideas to try and alter or replicate on pinterest. Also, have you tried working with water, smoke etc? Something I’ve wanted to try. You also have lots of family/nature- what about something like a concert, sports event, market etc?

    1. I like the smoke and water ideas. My ‘me time’ is usually early in the morning before the kids wake up, however, with the change in seasons slowly approaching I can see myself getting out of the bleak landscape rut. Thank you for the ideas. I appreciate it.

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