Day 62: painting with fire

f/22, 6.0 shutter
f/22, 6.0 shutter

Sixty two days ago I didn’t know what light painting was. Today I find it one of the most rewarding (and easy) photo techniques to play with, in this photo I’m fire painting. While holding the camera in my right hand and setting the shutter to 6 seconds I waved a cigarette lighter between the end of the lens and a mirror. All you need for this shot is a dark room, a mirror and a source of light.


11 thoughts on “Day 62: painting with fire

  1. Light painting is so much fun. Have you tried with glow sticks? Those are fun and not so dangerous. They can hurt if you smack yourself with them. This is a really good shot.

    1. thank you for the kind compliment. I live in a pretty drab part of the country…in order to make it through 365 days of photos I’ll need to discover some more tricks. Fortunately the WordPress blogs I look at provide a ton of ideas.

  2. I’ve been playing around with light painting, too – it’s amazing how many different types of images you can create with it! I really like your idea here, and you pulled it off very nicely!!

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