Day 64: a snowy morning

Looking for a little advice on color vs. black and white…and wanting to know how to shoot around the tungsten glow of a street light.

I woke up this morning as the city plow went past, my cue to start shoveling. Before I started in on the 7″ of fluffy snow I snapped this photo of a neighbor walking past. Going monochrome helped me show the swath of light and how the snow played with the glow.  Or does it? Thoughts on color vs. black and white? There aren’t a lot of steadfast rules in photography; however, is there a rule of thumb when it comes to saturation and having multiple light temperatures in the same photo?    (2.5 second shutter, f9, ISO640)

64 snowy walk bw
Eliminating the orange glow from the street light is nice, but is it the only answer?
64 snowy walk
Original image, untouched
64 snowy walk saturated
The orange from the tungsten, good? bad? Could I have white balanced around it? Two distinct temperatures here.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. I’m enjoying the heck out of learning all I can from you all.


5 thoughts on “Day 64: a snowy morning

  1. Great work experimenting with monotone here. With regard to the question of using black and white or colour. I usually say it depends on what you want the image to say and what is important in the image. For example, if you had an image of a sunset, you probably took it because of the beautiful colours that appear in the sky as the sun sets, the landscape isn’t necessarily the important part of the image that you want to draw the viewers attention to. So for me colour would work better here. With regard to black and white, I find that sometimes colour in an image can distract the viewers attention from the content of the image, i.e. a lovely derelict barn in the countryside with a dramatic sky overhead for me would have more impact in black and white than colour, as the viewer is drawn more to the content of the image. I hope that made sense and I didn’t over complicate it, sorry of I did, it’s rather late. 😀

  2. I agree- it’s mostly about preference which can vary from image to image. The B&W is cool because it sharpens the ghostly frame of your neighbour. But I have to say I like the orange/blue stark glow. Makes the image feel a little warmer, so it will depend on the effect you want. Like this!

  3. Luke, I know little to nothing about photography, but seeing the image both ways, I love the black and white. It shows the mood of a cold morning so well…

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