Day 75: tough to be in Minnesota

It is 18 degrees Fahrenheit as I type this. Being home after a great vacation is cruel. Here’s a photo I took of my wife three days ago…it wasn’t 18 degrees on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Fort Myers Beach. Tomorrow I’ll find something in in Minnesota to take a picture of. That’s part of, okay…most of, the challenge of the 365…recording something new and not relying on past shots.




3 thoughts on “Day 75: tough to be in Minnesota

  1. !Nice! Were still experiencing some hefty below freezing weather here….and it is killing me too! Three things that have kept me going on my 365 so far are:
    1. Head to a new area of town and walk into shops and spots that I never venture into. Write a post, reference the business – added points for small boutiques!
    2. Learn a new photographic technique. I love the quick and easy structure of Scott Kelby’s “Digital Photography Book”. Spend a week using the technique or selecting a theme. Take pictures of interesting doors for a week (or something like that….channel Picasso’s blue period mentality). Sounds stupid, but these little assignments always get me thinking outside of my rut.
    3. Learn a new processing technique. I just got Photoshop CS6 and have been playing around. When the pictures get boring at least the processing can be fun, right? I’ve been working my way through Scott Kelby’s “Photoshop Book For Digital Photographers” I like to work my way through the book’s lessons in order, so I often have to go out a shoot an image that needs to be processed a certain way. Maybe I’ll post some before and after images of my project this week.
    hang in there….spring is around the corner!

    1. Those are some great ideas, I am going to come up with a theme to get me through the bleak period of late March and early April. Not sure what it will be yet, though I am doing everything in my power not to become the guy who takes pictures of his cats šŸ˜‰

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