Day 86: be gentle

It’s that time of year. Time to write on eggs with crayons and dip them into a food color and vinegar mixture. About this photo, without my son making eye contact with the lens I don’t think this would have been a keeper.

"be careful buddy"
“be careful buddy”

3 thoughts on “Day 86: be gentle

      1. Perhaps it is a talent to be lucky;)

        Take ‘Guggenheim’. Now I did take ‘standard’ shots, but the middle one I was lying on the floor to get a good shot of Guggenheim the spiral and my wike and kids. But my boy is waving with an M&M he just bought. So I said ‘Stop waving and smile!’ … Of course he doesn’t stop. And what do you know. The shot is fun … the little M&M tells his own story (namely of the Big M&M shop we just visited before on Times Square) … that is were luck comes in. You can not plan it (so NEVER try;)

        — Max

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