Day 99: my photos from Afghanistan (2012)

I’m cheating. These are my photos, but I didn’t take them today. In April of 2012, as an employee of Twin Cities Public Television, I was an embedded reporter with an Army unit in Zabul Province in southeastern Afghanistan. The result was a short documentary called Bridging War & Hope. I kept a blog throughout the duration of the project.

I was primarily focused on using a video camera, not a still camera. The few stills I did shoot were shot with an iPod Touch, but the photos do a good job showing how austere, dry, and stark the surroundings were. A few of these images are freeze frames from video.
Please click on a picture to start a slide show.

If you like what you see, take a look at this entry, it contains a ton of great Afghan faces. This entry is all about the children.


10 thoughts on “Day 99: my photos from Afghanistan (2012)

  1. Thank you for sharing these — it is true that children are children no matter where or under what circumstances. If only that universal language could bridge some of the ugliness surrounding them — what trying circumstances they live under.

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