Day 110: Record Store Day

Happy Record Store Day. I hung out at Cheapo Records for a few hours this morning to catch some images of the goings on surrounding Record Store Day. I’ve been going to Cheapo all of my life; first tagging along with my dad then introducing friends to the store and now I am able to take my kids there. If you’ve been to Cheapo you know about the smell. A little dusty, a little musty. The staff is excellent, the selection is always changing, if you’re in St. Paul check it out.

Juice Newton and Willie Nelson
Juice Newton and Willie Nelson

7 thoughts on “Day 110: Record Store Day

  1. Dammit. Thanks for reminding me. Now I may have to hit all my favorites–Waterloo Records and End of an Ear! Oh and don’t forget the soul-full Breakaway Records. Austin is too awesome.

    1. nice…I interviewed a few of the customers at the store in St. Paul, they all spoke about the community aspect of hitting a local store, talking music, supporting the scene…a very cool vibe. About a dozen people stood outside in 26 degree (f) weather for 90 minutes. Devoted, or crazy?

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