Day 130: background motion blur

I took a baby step today. Ultimately I want to be able to take a photo of someone else on a bike, a profile shot, the person will be in focus, the background will be blurred. I think for this mythical shot the subject will pass by me, I don’t think I need to be moving with them.

After some guessing and checking I ended up with a 1/50th of a second on the shutter, that and the focus are the only aspects of this frame I controlled. I may have been able to slow the shutter down to 1/40th, or 1/30th while still going handheld. The aperture came in at f13 and the ISO was at 125. I used my 35mm lens, I think next time I will try to go a little wider.

I’m completely open to suggestions. How would your execute the shot I described?

130 background motion blur


3 thoughts on “Day 130: background motion blur

  1. It’s tough to capture, that’s for sure. For this shot I got of an airplane (, I used 1/30 which got me f22 and iso 100. I was obviously quite a ways from the subject, using my big zoom at 400mm. The closer you are, the faster shutter speed you could probably use, but then you’ll have to be moving faster to track the subject as well. You need to follow through, so as you are tracking the subject, when you press the shutter don’t stop following until the camera is finished. Focusing is obviously an issue, so you will either want to pre-focus at the specific spot you want to capture the image, or use the AI Servo mode for continuous focusing as you are tracking the subject. I was using the latter. It takes a fair bit of practice so don’t get discouraged!

    1. wow, that’s an impressive shot. I gave it a try just now, I didn’t get much background blur, so I think my shutter was too quick. trying to decide if I should post it or try again. Either way, it’s a good challenge.

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