Day 142: my childhood defined by one photo

Here it is. The MacGregor MG35F with Roy Smalley’s stamped signature.

Now a story. How can I not wax nostalgic about something as personal as my childhood ball glove? I have owned three ball gloves in my life. I remember them all. The first was a Fred Lynn signature series, the second was this Roy Smalley glove and the third was an Ozzie Smith model. In 1993 my Ozzie Smith model was swiped from my locker. I no longer have the Fred Lynn glove, it is this glove that is my childhood. If memory serves, and I need to rely on my memory for a quick Internet search revealed nothing, this glove was purchased for me in 1983. I was in elementary school.

This glove was used to play t-ball, coaches pitch and kid pitch. I would guess it was 1991, or 1992 when I switched over to the Ozzie Smith glove. Fortunately I never tossed this one away.

Sliding the glove on instantly brings me back. Sliding the wrist strap through the handlebar of my bike, oiling the glove until it was soggy, ‘fixing’ the webbing with a grey shoe string from a boat shoe, playing ball, always excited to play ball.

When I put “MacGregor MG35F” into a Google bar I only received 4 links…I’ll now make if 5. I’m filling a niche.


2 thoughts on “Day 142: my childhood defined by one photo

  1. “Stamped?!” You mean to tell me Roy wasn’t spending his off season signing leather? Goodbye childhood.
    I, too, had the Ozzie Smith model. If I recall, it did not come with a no errors guarantee.

  2. I still have the Dale Murphy signed Rawlings glove. Loved that glove! I think I’m on my 3rd glove of my life.

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