Day 152: dawn on the Mississippi

I woke up early this morning and decided to go to the river to shoot some long exposure shots. I was about 30 minutes too late to get what I wanted at this time of year. Day starts breaking well before 5am in June. I must say this morning’s shoot was much more enjoyable than the last time I was at Harriet Island in across from downtown St. Paul

152 river
The river is high. Look to the left of the frame, you’ll see a railing descending into the mighty Mississippi.

From the same location, but looking towards the east. I wanted to try this same shot this morning, but the eastern sky was already too bright.


June 1 at 5:05am, 1 second exposure
St. Paul, Minnesota from the Mississippi River
February 16 at 6:12am, 3 second exposure

3 thoughts on “Day 152: dawn on the Mississippi

  1. I love the idea of ‘revisiting’ an earlier spot for an update. In places like we live where there are distinct seasons, it’s a whole different canvas!

  2. Good for you for making this commitment to yourself and your readers! Everyone will be rewarded! I’m a travel photographer and writer who made a 90-day road trip following the entire course of the Mississippi (90 days because that is how long it takes a single drop of water to make that journey). You might enjoy reading about my time in your area and especially my stay on Harriett Island – here’s a link

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