Day 153: Como Zoo’s Gorilla Forest preview

Como Park Zoo is a classic city zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota. In the past 10 years it has made some serious upgrades by adding a new polar bear exhibit, interpretive center and this weekend zoo members were able to get a sneak peak of their newest addition. The Gorilla Forest opened and, let me say, I’m a fan. The kids are too.

We made a day of it and saw the other sites including taking a spin through the amusement park, checking out the Sparky the Seal show and enjoying a beautifully sunny day on the zoo grounds.

My wife enjoyed herself more than my daughter did
The classic conservatory
The grounds of Como Zoo and Conservatory are looking good
Sparky is still a crowd pleaser
One is able to view the gorillas from inside, or out. The inside viewing allows you to get up close and personal
There will be 9 gorillas on display within the next few weeks, the bachelor pod of three males is being slowly introduced to the new surroundings. The 4 in the family pod are comprised of one male and three females. (according to my daughter)
There are a few viewing stands outside, all provide a good look at what will soon become Como’s most visible feature

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