Day 163: 15 seconds of traffic

Night time photography is rewarding. It doesn’t take a lot of skill either so when it was 10pm tonight and I didn’t have a shot I really liked I decided to head out and take some pictures from the Victoria Street bridge over highway 36.

If you’re interested in taking shots like this all you need to do is set your camera to the manual setting and mess around with shutter speed, aperture setting and ISO. From what I can tell there’s no real wrong way to make this sort of photo. This shot is the result of a 15 second shutter, f/18, ISO640 and a 4 stop ND filter. The filter eliminates some of the extra light to bleed into the frame. It bends reality even more than slowing the shutter down does. If you know the Twin Cities, for instance, you know the sky is NEVER this dark.

163 night time

The last time a stood on an overpass when it was dark it was a lot less enjoyable. I’d much rather be taking pictures in the dark in June than in February.


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