Day 167: a dad’s influence

This morning on Facebook there are a lot of messages to Dads. Message to Dads who are still with us. Messages to Dads who were taken from us. My dad died over eight years ago. In life and death he has done a lot of shape the person I have become. The great ones leave their mark early and often so that in passing they continue to reach us. They continue to teach us. This is one of the many joys we fathers have.

I have a bookcase in my home that looks a lot like a bookcase in the house I grew up in. Old books books and LPs are on display. I’ve read some of the books and have listened to most of the LPs, but beyond the physical reminder of growing up with a man (and woman) who loved music and history the books and albums remind me of so much more. They have become a representation of the life I’m leading today.

167 homage

My Dad’s legacy continues, for true teachers never stop teaching.

Miss you Dad.


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