Day 248: “I live here”

Played the game in which you spin a globe, place your finger tip on it and where it stops is where you live. The most common response was, “I live on a houseboat sort of near ______________.”



9 thoughts on “Day 248: “I live here”

  1. Love it. What aperture did you use? My husband and I have a beautiful World map on one wall of our room.When we wake up some Sat mornings we’ll snuggle up and gaze at it and dream about where we would pick to go that day. Travel bug has bit hard. 🙂

    1. If I had to guess about the aperture I would say it was in the 4s, maybe 5. I had to slow down the shutter to get the spin effect on the globe and the room is dimly lit. thanks for the comment. (you, btw, are leading the pack in terms of number of comments on this blog…your attention is appreciated.)

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