Day 295: perks of the part-time job

For the past couple of years I have worked part-time. The schedule really works well for our family unit, probably a bit better for me than my wife…most days.

Here’s a list of a few things that make working part-time fantastic.

  • being able to play a board game with my son at 2:30 on a Tuesday
  • meeting my daughter on the porch when she gets off the school bus
  • having the time to make dinners
  • afternoon coffee…at home

At some point the gig will be up and I will return to work on a full-time basis, but until then I’ll enjoy the time I have at home doing, well, home things.

Here are a few photos from the past 295 days that are a direct result of me being able to cut out of work early.

The time it takes to do this 365 project wouldn’t be available to me if I was a full time working guy. So I guess there’s that, too.


9 thoughts on “Day 295: perks of the part-time job

  1. I didn’t comment when you posted it, but I really liked the “see you on the porch” post – the photograph, but mostly the story that went with it. I like seeing parents who enjoy their children the way you do!

  2. I too work part-time and am outrageously happy at the balance it gives my life. I would never be able to run or take pictures with any regularity, be able to sign up for a university class or be here when my teenagers walk in the door. It is so precious.

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