Day 298: more than another cat picture

To me this is more than just a picture of my dopey cat Choppers. You see I am starting to get a little sentimental over being on the downhill slide of this marathon project. Why? Though I do my fair share of bitching and moaning over how the daily photo hangs over my head until I capture it, edit it and share it I will miss the moments that exist buried behind the photos.

My daughter was my assistant on this shot. It took a good 15 minutes to find a way to make Choppers look less dopey than he is. AJ diligently stood just over my shoulder clicking her fingers, encouraging the cat’s glance with toys and providing me with advice on which angle I should use.

There will be many times in my life when I won’t see eye to eye with my daughter, I’m sure there will be fights and misunderstandings, but wouldn’t it be great if my year of photography spurred her interest and we created a lifelong hobby together?

I have wondered what I will do with this blog next year. There are a number of you who have reached out and shared advice, some 400+ subscribers, a nice history of my year, it would be a bit of a shame to just walk away. Perhaps I will transfer ‘ownership’ to my daughter next year so she can share her photos; who knows, maybe she’ll let me post a few, too.



2 thoughts on “Day 298: more than another cat picture

  1. Choppers should be proud. This is a lovely collaboration that shows him at his finest. My dad shared photography with me when I was your daughter’s age; it is one of this things I remember, and love most, about our relationship.

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