Day 305: Living Colour

In 1988 my 13 year old mind was blown. Up until this point I don’t exactly remember what I was listening to in terms of music. My mind blowing experience came through Living Colour’s album Vivid. Tonight in Minneapolis the band, consisting of 3 of the 4 original band musicians played a energetic, highly skilled and incredibly tight 2 hour set at Mill City Lights.

Corey Glover can still wail like he did in the 80s. He’s traded his dreadlocks and Body Glove surf wear for tightly cropped blonde hair and an argyle sweater. Vernon Reid on the guitar is a virtuoso and Will Calhoun is a machine behind the drum kit. Doug Wimbish, the newest member, on bass was outstanding as well…most of the time a bass solo is the perfect time to grab a drink…not in his case.

As my 38 year old self was standing with two friends I knew I when I was 13 thinking, make that, being struck by how much of my personality and tastes were developed at such an early age.

Based on tonight’s experience I can say I did alright as a kid…well, except for that unfortunate Weird Al Yankovich phase.



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