Day 313: blankie

After seeing reports that the Northern Lights were active I had a quick idea to drive a ways north to find a break in the clouds, instead, the little guy decides to wake up at a quarter after five. An adjustment to my plan was made.

Commence Saturday morning cartoons. The changing colors of the tv screen made this shot more challenging than I thought it would be.

When I look back on this shot I’ll pay attention to his blue blanket. This was his cousin’s receiving blanket. His cousin is now in college. The blanket is thin, has a couple of dozen holes and is, by far, his most-prized possession.




One thought on “Day 313: blankie

  1. Such a lovely post- and photograph. I must confess- even at my age, I have a “lucky T-shirt”, purchased at Savers 15 years ago and still going strong- OK, there are little holes here and there, but nothing a sweater over it can’t fix…

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