Day 314: morning sky

It didn’t take me 314 days to realize I’m a morning person; I’ve always been up early. Mornings have proven to be my favorite time to take photos; it’s a perfect way for me to start a day. Whether it’s on my way into work, or mornings like this one where I can step outside snap a frame and edit it to the ticking of a clock, mornings are good to me.

The Big Dipper was on display this morning, I got out there just in time. Some clouds were moving in during this 15 second frame. I triggered the neighbor’s property light while I was out there, the eastern horizon is blue-ing up and, of course, the light pollution.

Night time photography is on skill I hope to hone as I further develop some techniques.



One thought on “Day 314: morning sky

  1. I’ve had a few goes, but I need to travel for about an hour to get away from the light pollution, I’m just 6 miles out from a major city and the light pollution is horrendous here! You’ve done a fine job!

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