Day 317: comparing November to Kindergarten


Today’s photo looks at the transition from fall to winter.

November. This month has me thinking. November is the month of meteorological transitions in Minnesota. At 45 degrees north latitude we know winter is on its way. It’s inevitable. November, when done properly, is meant to arm us for the 4 months that lay in wait. Yesterday it was 12/-10 degrees (f/c), Today it’s warming. Today it will reach 45/7 degrees. November is doing it’s job. Yesterday was a good prep day. Today is a respite.

Today when I dropped my son off at his pre-K program I passed the kindergarten classroom. Developmental-transitions were happening in there. One child was sitting cross-legged with a book in his lap, another child was building with wooden blocks. . Kindergarten, when done properly, is meant to arm 5 and 6 year-olds for the scholastic future that lay in wait. For these two students, kindergarten is doing it’s job.

Open water to ice. Playing with blocks to reading. Transitions and preparedness.


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