Day 319: new shoe day



319Internet shopping is a great thing. Find it. Pay for it. Two days later it’s delivered. Yesterday a new pair of shoes were delivered. My son knew they’d be delivered on Thursday, when my wife came in with the package off the front porch he could barely contain himself.

This reminded me of how great it was to be at a shoe store as a kid. That new pair of Kangaroos. A pocket! “I can put my lunch ticket in there!” Try ’em on. Walk past the mirror. Zig, zag, stop quickly. Jump. Take them off. Look at the treads. A pocket! Hope they are within my Mom’s budget. Hold them in my lap on the ride home. Wear them in the house. They feel good. They’re bright and clean. They’ll be worn to school. The pocket will probably trap that lunch ticket, but that’s another story.

Today will be a good, new shoe day.



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