Day 324: on the horizon

Like a presence in the forest you can feel, but cannot see, real winter is on the horizon.



4 thoughts on “Day 324: on the horizon

  1. Hi Luke! I wasn’t sure if WordPress or LinkedIn was the forum…but, here we go! I know you are a busy guy and I don’t know how much of my WP ‘journey’ you follow, but one of my goals is to find a way to work in education with kids and have fun…photography/ writing/ exploration. I noticed this post: Youth Program Educator/ Employment Type Part Time/ Description/ Youth Program Presenter / Family & Education Services Department at TPT. It has been really challenging finding ways to present my skills and I am boldly hijacking a bit of your blogosphere…(grimace) to inquire: any thoughts on the position or interviewing for information?

    1. No worries…the blending of personal/professional is expected. I don’t know much about the position, but do know the people involved. Shoot a resume my way at lheikkila (at) tpt (dot) org and I’ll circulate it.

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