Day 336: new challenge

My Uncle gave me his old camera and three lenses. I look forward to getting to know how to use it. I’ve taken a few shots and have realized that it has a light meter and it isn’t that different than using the Nikon D5100 I have used all year. This is good to know for it tells me that in the past 335 days I’ve learned something about photography

I don’t know how the images will turn out, I will need to reacquaint myself the local National Camera and Video to get the film processed. What I do know about the Canon AE-1 is that it sounds great. The click of the shutter is very satisfying.

If you know this camera and have tips…I’d love to hear from you.

Canon AE-1 in black and white
This camera feels good and sounds great. I’m eager to see how the photos turn out. Shooting with film will teach me patience, for each mistake or rushed shot is money spent.


4 thoughts on “Day 336: new challenge

  1. I have the (much newer) Elan II. Had a lot of fun some months ago with it and some B&W film that I was later shown how to process (not hard, really). I encourage you to shoot some film with it – it’s far more forgiving than digital, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process!

  2. I love my AE-1 Program, it is a solid camera and one handsome bastard!

    Take your time and enjoy each frame. Oh and use Black and White film, it looks amazing on this camera!

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