Minnesota’s polar vortex

The temperatures across much of America are being influenced by something called a Polar Vortex. Where I am, near Minneapolis, Minnesota, we experienced the coldest temps in 18 years. All public schools were ordered closed by the Governor and my employer told us all to play it safe and stay home. It was -22F/-30C with a wind that would get your attention.

Logically, I wanted to feel what it was like out there so I grabbed my camera for a quick walk through the park.

My favorite factoid being bantered about in my social media feed was this morning’s temperature rivaled the temperature on the surface of Mars. Not exactly true, yet fitting for I feel astronaut-like while wearing 4 layers of clothing to tromp through a desolate and obscure landscape that is void of life…or is it?



4 thoughts on “Minnesota’s polar vortex

    1. ha…I sorta cashed it in out there today. My breath iced up my glasses so I couldn’t really see, though I did figure out how to adjust shutter/aperture while still wearing my leather choppers (mittens). Once I heard our weather was being called a Polar Vortex of all things I just needed to get out there to experience it.

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