Not quite every day: 1

I’m no longer a slave to the 365. Though it is hard to quit cold turkey. This is why my blog title says I’m in recovery.

In the week that I’ve been done with my photo a day project I have found that, though I do not miss the pressure of taking a ‘good’ photo every day, I do miss the practice of finding interesting ways to shoot daily occurrences. To ease myself down I am going to take time to write some more about some photographs I capture. If you’re like me and think the Internet is for looking at things (other than words) check out the slide show, click on one image to start the show. Otherwise I am going to start the practice of providing background about the images I share.


Would the Internet exist with cats?

Would cats exist without the Internet?

I have two cats. Both cats have two front feet and two back feet.

Here is an image of one quarter of the cat feet we have in our house.

That sentence can be misconstrued.

All of the cat feet we have in our house are attached to the cats they belong to.


Sunday – buy not-ready-to-eat bananas

Monday – wait for bananas

Tuesday – wait for bananas

Wednesday – eat bananas

Thursday – eat bananas

Friday – consider eating bananas

Saturday – consider making banana bread

Sunday – throw out old bananas,  buy new bananas


I drive my son to day care. On the way we talk. While we are in the car he asks me questions like, “what does the sky feel like?” When we get the daycare center he runs to keep up with me. He is always excited to see his friends. When September rolls around he will take the bus to school. I will miss the fun we have in the mornings.




EGGS & I, or me.     DSC_2408

Eggs are my favorite staple food. I have never tried this but I am pretty sure I could scramble a dozen eggs and eat them. Easily. My name is Luke. No one has ever called me Cool Hand Luke and meant it. I don’t think I could eat 50 eggs in one sitting. I won’t try. Paul Newman didn’t really eat 50 eggs.

There is a farm near Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Actually there are many farms near Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. One farm in particular has been in my in-law’s family for generations. Now my brother-in-law and sister-in-law live there. They have hens. They give us eggs. The eggs they give us are natural and I feel good when I eat them.

Eggs are fun to photograph, the light source is the kitchen window.





I live in suburbia. It’s trendy to call Roseville a first-ring, or inner-ring suburb. It makes us feel good because it differentiates us from places like Otsego, Savage, Shakopee and Lakeville. But still, I live in the suburbs. My view of sunsets is blocked by a row of houses. When the trees are bare I can manage to get a decent view of a sunset that doesn’t quite include my neighbor’s roof line. This was a nice sunset, but not nice enough to encourage to walk to the end of the block to see it unencumbered. I’m lazy.




I like mornings. I like coffee. I like photography. I often find myself combining all three of my likes into one super like. This morning was one of those times I found myself taking photographs of my coffee cup. The house is quite. I’m refreshed. I have time to play.





You made it to the bottom of the page. Thank you. I enjoy writing. I don’t know what my voice is it. I will keep on practicing. I’ll find it.


7 thoughts on “Not quite every day: 1

  1. I like your new approach while you’re in recovery :). When I finished my last 365 project, I felt that something was missing from my life. After I get my camera cleaned and checked, I’ll probably start a new 365 or begin a new project of some kind. Keep sharing!

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