Learning how to be a dog person

The tug rope is a favorite.

I’m just a man with a blog, yet this is my effort to get the Bealabull recognized by the American Kennel Club. Okay, okay, I know this isn’t going to happen so if you’re a voting member of the AKC don’t go and get your leash all tangled. But, damn it, it’s time the Bealabull has its day.

What’s a Bealabull? Here’s the answer. Beagle/Lab/Bulldog…I think. I’m not totally sure. During the next couple of hundred words my canine ignorance will shine through like an beacon of idiocy.

A good chew settles her down.

Regardless, here’s Cookie.

Sure, her under bite give her less than perfect symmetry, and as far as dogs go she might not be all that bright. But, hell, neither am I so perhaps we’re a good fit. I’ve been told these three breeds have odor issues, they howl and they shed. Again, except for the howling…I guess we might be a good fit. But, if people can be proud of their fancy mutts, (no they’re not hybrids, or crossbreeds, they’re mutts), let’s recognize the bealabull. Again, if you think otherwise don’t torch me and know that I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve been a dog owner for less than a week…but a mutt’s a mutt. So if Aussiedoodles are sheik. If a Goldendoodle is the new ‘it’ dog. If a Westiepoo is just oh-so-cute then I call for the bealabull to get its day.

Bealabulls owners unite! No don’t. It’s not going to be worth it.

Enough of the ‘comedy’. We’ve had this dog for five days and I think things are going pretty well. She will ‘kennel-up’ on command. She’s crapped in the house one time, but that was my fault for I didn’t realize that getting outside after eating is so important. We’re working on slack leash walking, and are signed up for obedience classes which I’m excited to have start. I’d like to break her of her habit of growling at passers-by while we’re on walks. I hear a little socialization will work wonders.

We don’t know much about dog training yet, but we’ve learned that the tug toy should always end up in our hands…not her jaws.
The introduction of the cats to the dog has been going slowly. Safely, but slowly.

One thing that is taking a while to get used to is how little our cats are around. They feel safest in the basement, far away from the dog. Slowly they are venturing up the stairs to sniff and monitor. Today we had an encounter that resulted in a combination of tail wagging, forward ears and hissing. Very little growling, no scratching…a success? If you have experience bringing a dog into a house previously run by a cat, or two, let me know. I sort of miss the cats.

The last time I wrote about the dog I had more reads and hits than I’ve had in a long time. Let’s see if you still care about the plight of a family learning how to live with a D-O-G.


2 thoughts on “Learning how to be a dog person

  1. I’m not completely certain you learn to be a dog person. I think it is more a matter of two compassionate souls encounter and recognize each other and they agree to have a lifelong adventure together. There is usually a little slobber involved as well.

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