a weekend in Duluth

My wife and I have been using Duluth as our quick get-away destination for years. Duluth is a few hours north of where we live, but it feels like nowhere else in Minnesota.

We stayed at the South Pier Inn, a very nice place that is close to Canal Park, but just off the beaten path (on the other side of the lift bridge) so that there isn’t the hustle and bustle associated with the Park. Also, I wanted to stay in a place that was less likely to have a gaggle of teenaged hockey players, in town for a tournament, running the halls.

While in Duluth we left the car parked and walked the Lake Front Trail to Fitgers. Lake Superior is nearly frozen over, a rarity and testament to the winter we’ve had. The walk was enjoyable, the beer at Fitgers is fresh and flavorful.

The Aeriel Lift Bridge provides more than enough photo opportunities. The Duluth hillside and harbor also gave me plenty to shoot both after dark and before the sun came up.

You can do worse than spending time with your lovely up in Duluth.


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