The Apache Trail of Arizona, part two

Though the Apache Trail is beautiful I have to be honest, it is not for the faint of heart. Twenty-two of the 60, or so, miles of the trail is a gravel surfaced road. Narrow. Winding. In some places one lane. My wife was nervous. My kids were nervous. I was laughing. I wasn’t laughing because I was having a ton of fun, it turned out my laughter was a nervous reaction to the ridiculous road I was navigating the rental car over.

Before we got to the gravel road we made a pit stop at Tortilla Flat. The ice cream shop at this dusty little stop had thousands of one dollar bills hanging on nearly every surface of the store. Pretty unique.

DSC_0066 DSC_0069Apache Lake, framed by the desert hills was always a pretty stunning sight.


Ice cream stops, short hikes and photo opportunities turned the drive from Phoenix to Tucson an all-day affair.


The gravel road mercifully gave way to asphalt at the Roosevelt Dam.

This is the largest masonry built dam in the world
Roosevelt Dam in the background, grass detail in the foreground.

Next up…Tucson.


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