This doesn’t happen to me everyday

As I’m traveling through Italy for work to cover some of the history of the Red Bulls’ battles during World War II my hosts and I stopped at the New Zealand War Cemetery at the base of Monte Cassino. Today marks the 70th Anniversary of when this area, after nearly 5 months of battles, fell to the Allied Forces. To commemorate the event Prince Harry stopped by to pay his respects. Here he is greeting a New Zealand soldier with a traditional Midori greeting. Here is some background on why I’m in Italy for work.





5 thoughts on “This doesn’t happen to me everyday

  1. Ah. Montecassino. I have been there many times. I make a point of visiting the cemeteries in the shadow of the Abbey everytime I visit Southern Italy. It is a place of sorrow and of hope. It is a place that gives me the chills on a hot and humid summer day and reminds me of the evil that we, as men, are capable of in the name of being “right”. The windy and treacherous ride up the side of the mountain reminds you for a few moments how perilous this must have been for those that gave their lives.

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