1 photo of 2 ships coming in

Watching the ships come into port at the Duluth Harbor is a must-see. Finding interesting ways to capture them is a bit of a challenge, they’re huge, and the vantage points are few. Finding this fellow trying for the same shot I was getting captured my attention enough to take the focus off of the ships to give viewers something new to consider.


This concludes a numeric series through the sights of a recent trip to Duluth and the North Shore of Lake Superior. Here are the titles of and links to the previous photos I posted.

8 Photos of Lupins

7 Photos of North Shore Waterfalls

6 Photos of the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth

5 Photos of Lake Superior

4 Photos of Tough, North Shore Wildflowers

3 Photos of a Memorial to Lynching Victims


2 Photos of Seagulls at Canal Park




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