rails, grasses and flowers in Lowertown St. Paul

Before I got out of my car this morning I decided to take my camera out of my bag and carry it in-hand. If someone asked me, ‘what’s the most important thing to know about photography?’ I’d tell them to have their camera in their hand. A camera is useless in its bag, or in a closet. Because I’m no longer doing a 365 project I’m not as devout a camera-carrier as I once was, but this morning I was able to find three images on my way into work that I like enough to share.

Train tracks are a no-brainer for me. I’ve likely taken too many photos of tracks, but they lend themselves to good lines and a nice composition. Focusing on the steel rail and letting the background fade out-of-focus gives the shot nice bokeh. There were some guys working in front of the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, but they didn’t show up, or they’re in the shadows. Either way, I like this one.

Metro Transit Green Line garage
Metro Transit Green Line garage

Grasses and a Pabst Blue Ribbon sign. I’ve taken a lot of photos of the frilly seeds at the top of grasses, too. Usually when I do it there’s an expanse of water in the background, this time it’s a PBR sign. My hope is this surprising background causes a viewer to pause for a moment before moving on with their rapid-fire Internet surfing.


There’s a sunken parking lot below the 4th Street sidewalk in Lowertown. The artists cooperative that uses the lot does a nice job planting some flowers along the railing. I’ve shot flowers from this point a few times before, too. I think it’s time to deepen my draw from my bag of tricks. It was the color of this flower that drew me to it, a color best worn by nature, I think.


hello loud
hello loud

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